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On this page I have posted abit about myself. If you have already seen my photographs, videos or are a follower of my blog I am hoping that through this page you will learn more about me and my passion for wildlife and the natural world. My names Mike Mottram and I have had a passion for watching wildlife and the outdoors since I was child and over the years my love of the outdoors and the natural world has grown. After building up my knowledge, kit and over 5 years ago I ended up setting a wildlife kit supplie business Go wildlife watching.  I have learned a number of skills from editing, site building, camera operating, communicating with the public about wildlife issues, self promotion, kayaking, hide building, snorkeling, Live Camera setups and wildlife conservation. I believe if nature gives you something then that debt must be repaid and protection of wildlife and there habitats is really important to me and a way of giving back.

I love being out in the field with my kit whether its in a dark wet woodland on a cold winters night or by the sea on a warm summers evening filming the sun going down over the sea. The feeling of freedom and clarity I get from being outdoors and filming wildlife is like nothing I have ever experienced.


I love to Kayak, camp and hike long distances with all my camera gear whether it's warm and humid or cold and wet.

Wildlife photography has changed my life and has taught me to never give up and always have a goal.

The Natural world is an amazing thing, protecting and documenting Wildlife is my passion in life.

If you have any questions or would like to buy or use any of my images or may even want to work together then email me


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