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We at Go wildlife watching are a small passionate business that has been going since 2009 and after many years of providing wildlife watching kit to the BBC, RSPCA, schools and ther well known organisations. After many years of testing & using wildlife watching kit we have found the best products for the wildlife watching field and all of them are alvailable in our shop.  I setup Go wildlife watching to provide wildlife lovers whether experts or new people to the world of Nature a place to get all there Kit in one place at a great price and the money made from our shop goes into helping local wildlife and funding Go wildlife watching projects. As well as selling wildlife watching products I do a lot of work on my local patch to help the wildlife on my doorstep. From regenerating wildlife habitats, protecting areas of countryside from poachers and flytippers. Recently I've been building platforms for water birds as in the nesting season the nests get flooded and after providing them with nesting it platforms has really paid off this year. On one of the Platforms I have filmed Great crested grebes nesting for the first time and they had 4 chicks and every year they come back to nest on my local lakes nesting platforms. As well as working with nature on my local patch as a self appointed wildlife warden informing locals and tourists about local wildlife and the special areas nearby. I also try to help with worldwide projects by donating profit and cutting prices for conservation groups or people who are doing something to help there local wildlife.


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